6 Beach Day Essentials

by Nick Marshall 

Wherever you plant your parasol among Malibu’s 30 miles of gorgeous beaches, these are the things to take to the beach for a relaxing, fuss-free day. Of course, if you’re coming to Topanga Beach, Rockwell Kitchen has you covered for refreshments. If you’re heading further up the coast to some of our secluded local coves (you can check out our favorites here), you can travel light with just a few beach essentials. You’ll find most at our local neighborhood favorite Boardriders Malibu Surf Shop. As always, the accent is on the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle that makes Malibu so special. 

1. A Tote for Beach Essentials

A laid-back and lightweight tote to carry your essentials is the signature Malibu look. We recommend one with a mesh bottom to let any sand you accumulate during the day slip back to where it came from. If you can carry a vegan, recycled or eco-friendly tote in sustainable materials you’ll hit all the right notes in Malibu. Head to Trancas Country Market or Point Dume Village if you want to pick up a local tote. 

2. The Perfect Coastal Coverup

The weather is always comfortable in Malibu, with warm, dry summers and cool winters. That means you can always bring your bikini or board shorts, but you’ll be glad to have a coverup, sarong wrap or shawl on cooler evenings. A lightweight cotton or silk wrap is also a fuss-free way to switch from beach to boardwalk and blend in with the Southern California waverider aesthetic. 

3. Waterproof Speakers

Every beach day in Malibu comes with its own soundtrack, so bring a waterproof, sand-proof Bluetooth speaker for hooking up to your smartphone playlist. A little low-key audio will keep you on the right side of city ordinances and won’t bother your beach neighbors. With so much sunshine available, keep your battery topped up with a solar charger too.

4. Essential Sun Protection

If there’s one thing you’ll be reaching for regularly in Malibu, it’s sun protection. Not that the rays are particularly fierce, but all those accumulated hours of sunshine can take a toll on unprotected skin. Slip a lightweight sun hat or cap into your tote, slide on some sunglasses and make sure you apply sunscreen regularly. Look for a reef-friendly sunscreen that does not contain chemicals known to cause coral bleaching. 

5. Settle on a Sand Mat

A lightweight straw mat or thicker beach blanket will keep the sand off your skin, but as any surfer will tell you, sand gets everywhere. To really shake off every last grain, pack a sand-free mat in your beach essentials. These use an ingenious weave that lets sand slip straight through. 

6. Snacks at the Ready

If you’re near Topanga Beach, stop in to Rockwell Kitchen to keep the good vibes going, as we have a wide range of healthy bites, platters and refreshing juices and smoothies to try. 

If you’re stopping in on your way out to one of the more secluded beaches, take a few pastries or sandwiches to go in a compact cooler in your beach essentials. You can’t consume alcohol on beaches in Malibu, but you can fill up your reusable bottle or stainless steel flask with fresh juice, mineral water or anything else to keep you hydrated and cool. 

Add a face mask to the list if you’re visiting any local stores or restaurants, and you’re literally covered in full for all your Malibu beach needs. Travel light, enjoy the beach and leave it spotless.