Behind the Brew: Our Partnership with Laird Superfood Coffee

by the Rockwell Kitchen team

At Rockwell Kitchen, we love that you can see our chefs make our food — and our chefs like to know exactly where our food comes from because we believe that if the ingredients are grown with love, you’ll taste it in the dish or, in this case, in your coffee cup. That’s why we’ve partnered with Laird Superfood to make the best brews possible.

Every order at Rockwell has a story behind it. Here’s the story behind your golden milk latte.

Community Roots

At our truck’s home on Topanga Beach, surfers are a part of the skyline. Before she knew him as a coffee entrepreneur, Rockwell founder Chef Alla Rockwell knew Laird Hamilton as a local pro surfer. So when Laird’s coffee brand, Laird Superfood, started showing up on local shelves, it was a natural pickup for Chef Rockwell.

Malibu bonded the two from the start, but Chef Rockwell and Laird also share a focus on the thoughtful curation of the foods they create — Rockwell’s menu and Laird Superfood Coffee also share a focus on the quality of ingredients. It’s always been our belief that high-quality ingredients are the essential foundation of a tasty dish, and you can taste Laird’s commitment to simple, clean, whole-food ingredients in your coffee cup, too. Laird Superfood Coffee sources its beans from top-rated Peruvian growers with USDA organic certification. Like Rockwell, they put the planet first, with a big emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, too.

Coffee Built for Surfers

As a lifelong surfer, it only makes sense that Laird Hamilton’s coffee was designed with surfers in mind. Before he went into business, Laird created cups of his “special coffee” for his local surf buddies on his quest to make a brew that offered more than a short boost followed by a big caffeine crash — something that would keep folks consistently energized throughout the day. That’s where Laird’s signature combo of coffee and healthy fats comes into play. 

The premium Peruvian coffee packs plenty of flavor and caffeine while also maintaining low acidity, which is friendly to the gut. Healthy fats come in the form of coconut milk powder, coconut nectar and extra virgin coconut oil. These not only make for an extra-creamy milk substitute, but also offer a full range of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). Healthline reports that these easily digestible fats not only keep you full, but they also enter your cells without being broken down, making them an excellent energy source for both the body and brain.

Athletes commonly rely on MCT oil, as it can help reduce lactate buildup and encourage burning fat, instead of carbs, for energy. Local surfing legend Reef McIntosh swears by Laird’s coffee as part of his daily routine: “It has all the stuff my body needs to work out at its best,” he tells the company’s blog. 

Thinking Beyond Caffeine

Considering the development of his product, Laird said; "I’ve always been the sort of person that looks a little deeper at the things I consume on a daily basis. Coffee, for instance, is a morning go-to for so many people, including myself. I wondered how I could improve it.” 

You only need to peek at some of Laird Superfood’s ingredients to see how that philosophy manifests:

  • Aquamin, a calcified sea algae, provides calcium and over 70 trace minerals
  • Beetroot boosts your vascular function with healthy nitrates
  • Cacao offers magnesium, iron and zinc to bolster cognitive functions
  • Cayenne relieves pain, supports digestion and leaves you feeling full
  • Chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane and maitake mushrooms act as powerful antioxidants for improved performance and energy levels
  • Lucuma serves as an all-natural sweetener with additional B-3, iron and antioxidant benefits
  • Turmeric root also brings those essential antioxidant enzymes

These are just some of the powerful, natural ingredients you’ll find in Laird Superfood Coffee’s products. And these boosts aren’t just for surfers, they’re for anyone interested in clean, steady energy throughout the day. Whether you pair it with our ‘shroom omelette, a BLT, or you just drink it solo — that’s fuel for your commute, your hike, or even for our monthly beach cleanup (where you’ll nab a free cup if you join the Rockwell Kitchen team at Topanga Beach).

When we think of coffee, we know it can give us a caffeine boost, but that’s often where we stop thinking about its potential. Laird goes beyond that line of thinking — just like we do here at Rockwell Kitchen. We want to offer a menu that  only encourages you to try new things, but makes you rethink the possibilities of the food you already know.


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