BYOB: What To Pair With the Rockwell Kitchen Menu

by the Rockwell Kitchen Team

At Rockwell Kitchen, we like to pair locally sourced, environmentally conscious, farm-to-table food with neighborhood flair and a beachfront view. But since we’re absolutely surrounded by an embarrassment of riches in the form of Los Angeles breweries and local vineyards, we just can’t help but share some of the best beers and wines to perfectly pair with your to-go plate from Topanga Beach, BYOB style. 

Of course, these are just our recs, but don’t forget the ultimate pairing tip: If you like the way it tastes together, that’s a great pairing, too. 

Fresh Fishy Flavors

Okay, you knew it was coming obviously a Malibu food truck parked on an iconic surfing beach is gonna talk about seafood. Every day, we offer fresh preparations of Pacific prawns and whole fish, not to mention our Salmon Breakfast Sandwich, featuring Alaska smoked salmon and super savory goat cheese on a brioche bun. That healthy, flavorful seafood fat (get those omega-3s) and silky texture calls for bright beverages that go down easy. 

We recommend: A summery and crisp Mexican lager such as El Segundo Brewing’s Casa Azul, Peacock Brewing Company’s El Gallo Macho or 14 Cannons’ Catorce; lemon-fresh organic chardonnay from Strange Family Vineyards.

No Salty Attitudes, Just Salty Foods

When you’re going a little salty with your entree, the barely-there sweetness of dry sparkling wines or the roasted, malty flavor of stout beer is just what you need. Sparkling wines bring the contrast, while stout beers really cozy up to your palette when you’re taking in the satisfying brine of Rockwell faves like our Bacon-Two-Ways BLT with chive aioli, Pacific Lobster BLT with garlic butter aioli or Turkey Burger topped with sun dried tomato. 

Go ahead, make your pairing a party with zesty, rounded brut Champagne. What’s the occasion? Tuesday. That’s the occasion. 

We recommend: A slightly smoky, full-bodied Stagecoach Stout from Figueroa Mountain Brewing or any variety of the Black Is Beautiful stout from local breweries like Ambitious Ales, Santa Monica Brew Works, Brouwerij West or Highland Park Brewery (proceeds go toward charitable causes to fight injustices against people of color); clean, subtle Saddlerock sparkling brut.

Drink Your Veggies

You can’t do farm-to-table without crispy, fresh-cut produce that’s why we serve an ever-changing selection of local veggies. We also love to infuse our farm-fresh veg with bright herbal tones in dishes such as Chef Rockwell’s favorite Green Shakshuka and our Caprese Scramble with baby tomatoes, basil pesto vinaigrette and roasted potatoes. When pairing with vegetable dishes, go with beverages as blonde and effervescent as a Malibu Beach Barbie.  

We recommend: The nostalgic simplicity of Lucky Luke’s Original American Blonde Ale; a rare, minerally Grüner Veltliner Zocker label from Niven Family Wines.

Earthy Eats

Earth tones aren’t just in style when it comes to clothes and fashionable fonts, they’re a staple of Rockwell’s homey, comfort food oriented menu. You’ll find this flavor profile in dishes such as the Smoked Chili Chickpea Tacos on grilled corn tortillas, J’s Burrito with avocado and Dominican-style beans and, of course, the Shroom Omelette with locally sourced mushrooms, parsley, sesame boule and truffle oil. Earthy flavors are as deep as they are comforting, and they call for equally deep, rustic pairings.

We recommend: Chocolatey Nighthawk black lager from Enegren Brewing Co. or Angel City Brewery’s full-bodied Schwarzbier version; light-bodied but deceptively deep pinot noir from The Malibu Vineyard. 

How do you approach pairing? Tag us on Instagram with your favorite food and beverage combos!


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